Legislation and government


Role of the government

The government closely monitors that the self-regulatory measures are complied with. This supervisory role is delegated to the Media Authority, which regularly investigates and evaluates the functioning of the system of self-regulation. NICAM itself also performs regular quality assessments of compliance with the rules. In addition, it regularly tests consumer perception and use of Kijkwijzer.

Legislation (Media Law)

Public and commercial broadcasting corporations that are established in the Netherlands are required, according to Article 4 of the Media Law, to join and apply Kijkwijzer. If a broadcaster is not affiliated with Kijkwijzer, it can only broadcast programs that are not harmful for children and would normally receive an All Ages classification. The agreements with the government also include the commitment that broadcasters do not show programs with a 12 or 16 classification before 20:00 hours and a 9 classification before 18:00 hours.

Article 240a of the Criminal Code

The government has also linked legal actions to Kijkwijzer's age categories.

Based on Article 240a of the Criminal Code, children who are younger than 16 are not allowed to see a feature film with the age classification 16. For films in the other (lower) age categories, children that are younger than the age classification are only allowed in under the supervision of an adult.

The same applies to (online) stores, video rental stores and libraries. They are not allowed to distribute DVD's or games to persons who are younger than the DVD or game's age classification.

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