System monitoring and information

T he three pillars of NICAM are system, supervision and information.

The System is the rating system used by audiovisual media creators and distributors. NICAM trains them so that the system is used correctly and valid and reliable classifications are produced. Via an online application, suppliers answer a questionnaire about the content of a production. The Kijkwijzer system determines the final classification based on those answers. This is then stored in a central database. There are several media content questionnaires to optimize the classification process. This makes the classification process efficient, but it can also link up well with scientific literature.

The system is based on scientific insights into the effects of media on children. The system is continuously updated based on new scientific insights, but also because the world of audiovisual media is changing rapidly. Where 20 years ago the founders of NICAM still worked from the reasonably well-organized Dutch television, film and video branches, the number of audiovisual media providers via streaming services and video platforms has exploded.

Because the age recommendations and content information are created in collaboration with the makers and distributors of audiovisual media, the system is scalable and widely supported. The creators and providers classify their own content and the criteria are uniform. The industry takes responsibility and informs parents and children with product information in the form of age recommendations and content icons.

The quality and implementation of classifications is supervised by NICAM.

NICAM carries out an annual random check on the quality and application of the Kijkwijzer classifications. This means that samples are taken and productions are checked for content and implementation of the rules. Imperfections are repaired. These quality checks are carried out and reported to the Media Authority and the government. The Media Authority carries out meta-supervision of NICAM's work on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

The handling of complaints also falls under supervision. Anyone who disagrees with the classification of an audiovisual production can submit a complaint to NICAM. A complaint form on the Kijkwijzer website can be used to indicate where and when the possible error was detected. Complaints handling contributes to the quality of Kijkwijzer. A valid complaint can lead to an adjustment of the classification or the broadcast time. This is important to guarantee the reliability of Kijkwijzer. Complaints are handled via the NICAM secretariat or via the Complaints Committee/Appeals Committee.

NICAM informs the public about Kijkwijzer and PEGI by means of the well-known Kijkwijzer pictograms and information campaigns. In addition, NICAM provides general public information about media effects on children.

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