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N ICAM has decided this autumn to make a transition to a Supervisory Board model.

Published on: December 14 2022

The Supervisory Board model is a commonly used governance structure in which operational management tasks are delegated to the management – ​​in the new model the board – and a Supervisory Board monitors internal and external interests. It is in fact a formalization of the current situation because in practice the director already carries out a large part of the administrative tasks.

The Supervisory Board will consist of five members, selected for their supervisory qualities. The current board, composed of representatives of the affiliated media parties, remains directly involved in NICAM's policy as the Board of Participants, such as major changes to the system, the long-term plan and the Kijkwijzer budget.

Both internal and external developments have meant that NICAM is no longer the same organization as when it was founded more than 20 years ago. This media landscape has now expanded and the organization manages a system for a much larger and broader palette of media companies, which also transcends national borders.

In addition, the requirements imposed on NICAM in terms of legislation and regulations are becoming stricter, for example the strict requirements in the field of privacy protection. The size and complexity of today's tasks demand change. The Supervisory Board model offers the management the opportunity to act and anticipate more quickly and to take responsibility for implementation.

The transition is a process with many steps that have been taken in close cooperation between the board and management. The recruitment and selection process for the chairman of the Supervisory Board has now been completed.

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