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O n Monday 28 March, NICAM celebrated Kijkwijzer’s 20th anniversary during a symposium in Beeld & Geluid, The Hague. We were accompanied by our most important stakeholders, such as media companies, coders, parents, experts in the field of child psychology and media, government officials and supervisors. The anniversary was cause for celebration as well as reflection. Our stakeholders play a crucial role in this. One of the most important take-aways from the symposium was that, internationally speaking, Kijkwijzer is still a unique system that is more relevant than ever and that is more than capable of adapting to the new challenges that today’s ever-changing media landscape poses.

Published on: December 15 2022

Plans for the future

Apart from revisiting the accomplishments of the past few years, our participants also gave shape to NICAM’s future plans. What effects does 2020’s Media Act have on NICAM, and what do NICAM’s new systems, such as Kijkwijzer Online, look like? What role can Kijkwijzer continue to play in the growing and increasingly borderless media landscape? How can Kijkwijzer stay effective and relevant? What are the limits of NICAM’s competence? All of these themes were discussed during presentations and conversations with, among others, Peter Eijsvoogel (Dutch Media Authority), Esther Rozendaal (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Wim Bekkers and Tiffany van Stormbroek (former and current director of NICAM), Violet Luif and Anne Sadza (Radboud University/Kijkwijzer).

Farewell to the board

During the symposium we bade farewell to our old governance structure and, as such, to NICAM’s chairman, Boris van der Ham. We also shared some news about the new structure. Toine Maes, former director and chairman of the board of Kennisnet, was introduced as the chairman of NICAM’s new Supervisory Board.

Kijkwijzer Awards

We believe that watching audiovisual content is the most amazing thing there is. We don’t normally judge content but due to Kijkwijzer’s 20th anniversary, we wanted to celebrate content. We asked coders to nominate scenes in each of the Kijkwijzer categories – fear, sex, drugs, violence, coarse language and discrimination – that impressed them the most. A panel of experts chose the winners, who received their Kijkwijzer Awards during the symposium. The Kijkwijzer Awards went to:

Violence: Inglourious Basterds – 2009 - Universal Pictures

Coarse language: Bro’s before Hoes - 2013 - Dutch FilmWorks

Sex: Call Me by Your Name - 2017 Sony Pictures

Fear: Saw - 2004 - Lionsgate

Discrimination: Django Unchained - 2012 - Sony Pictures

Smoking, alcohol and drugs: Midsommar - 2017 - Dutch FilmWorks

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