Kijkwijzer in Belgian cinemas

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F rom January 2020, Belgian cinemas will also start using Kijkwijzer. The Dutch system that informs about the risks of films for children is being adopted by the southern neighbours. The age classification and pictograms, which warn against violence, frightening images and sex, among other things, will also be the same for cinema films in Belgium.

Published on: December 12 2022

The introduction and application of Kijkwijzer is the responsibility of the government in Belgium. It has since amended the law. Kijkwijzer is not a new phenomenon for many film distributors who release cinema films in Belgium. They often distribute throughout the Benelux, which means that the films for the Dutch market already receive a Kijkwijzer classification.

NICAM, the Dutch organization behind Kijkwijzer, will train the staff of the distributors to carry out the classifications. In French-speaking and German-speaking Belgium, the system will be launched as Cinecheck.

Belgium is the first country to fully adopt Kijkwijzer. Turkey, Iceland and Slovenia have previously licensed Kijkwijzer. The international rating system for games, PEGI, is also based on Kijkwijzer.

Curious about the Kijkwijzer/Cinecheck website? You can find it here.

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