Positive assessment of NICAM's performance

NICAM evaluatie rapport

N ICAM was positively assessed in an evaluation that was carried out by consultancy firm KWINK, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Published on: December 12 2022

The assessment concludes that NICAM performs well in every investigated area:

  • reliability and validity of the rating system;
  • notoriety and use among consumers;
  • support in the audiovisual sector;
  • and a flexible mindset towards societal and technological developments.

The evaluation was carried out at the start of the year and was aimed at investigating NICAM's effectiveness and organisation. NICAM's performance in the past five years was assessed and an exploratory orientation of the future was made.

With the future in mind, the consultants made a few recommendations for the optimal organisation of NICAM. These recommendations included assuring the public interest by keeping independent parties and persons involved in the organisation. The consultants also find that better agreements should be made about the division of roles between the supervisory authorities, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Dutch Media Authority. They also propose that the Ministry takes more action to support NICAM in getting new parties, such as video platforms, to affiliate with them.

The assessment has been sent to the Dutch Parliament, along with a reaction from Minister Slob of Education, Culture and Science. In his reaction, the Minister states that he supports the conclusions and recommendations. The procedure for the legislative proposal concerning Dutch channels on video platforms, such as YouTubers, needing to implement the Kijkwijzer system is now fully underway.

Naturally, NICAM is very happy with the outcome of the assessment and wishes to congratulate all participants, advisers and scientists who played a role in achieving this result. However, optimisation of the system will remain possible and necessary. Especially considering the changing media landscape and use. The legislative proposal already provides for many of these changes, most importantly by equalising linear media services and on-demand media services, who will now be obligated to affiliate with NICAM as well. We also see possibilities for optimisation by making some changes in the governance of NICAM, for example in the formation of the Board, the relationship between the Board and management, as well as the composition and influence of independent advisory bodies.

NICAM is and remains a collaborative project with the important goal of protecting children from possibly harmful media effects.

The assessment report can be downloaded here (in Dutch).

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