O n 1 November 2020, the new Media Act entered into force. This means that channels on video platforms, such as YouTube, have to apply the same rules as on-demand media services that the Media Act already applied to. As a consequence, these channels have to affiliate with NICAM and apply the Kijkwijzer system. NICAM has therefore modified Kijkwijzer to apply to online videos.

Why Kijkwijzer Online?

The new generation of media consumers has become accustomed to smartphones, tablets and platforms like YouTube or Netflix. Media content is everywhere, and is always available on individual devices. Technology, as well as the enormous expansion of what the internet has to offer, has drastically changed media behaviour. Almost all 9 to 18 year olds have access to the internet through a smartphone that is constantly in use. Many children use video sharing platforms like YouTube. This platform offers a lot of content that may be harmful to children, but is easily available to them. Since content is mostly watched on smartphones, it is difficult for parents to keep an eye on what is being watched by their children and to protect them from harmful content.

Who must apply Kijkwijzer Online?

The same obligations that apply to other on-demand media services will also apply to providers of online video channels. An overview of all these obligations can be found on an infosheet on the Media Authority's website.


By affiliating with NICAM, the provider is able to rate their own videos by using the Kijkwijzer system and to provide their content with the right age and content descriptors. Before Kijkwijzer can be used, it is obligatory for the provider of online videos to affiliate with NICAM. We recommend reading our Regulations and Statutes before doing so.


A request for affiliation by a provider of online video can easily and quickly be submitted by following these 3 steps:

1. Fill out the form

Here, you may fill out the requested information about the provider of online videos. Using this information, we can determine whether the service or channel is indeed required to affiliate with NICAM. Click on 'Sign up' to go to the form.

2. Sign the affiliation statement

Based on the details we received, NICAM will draw up an affiliation statement that needs to be signed.

3. Register your coders

Providers of online videos are responsible for rating their own productions. NICAM will provide them with a training, allowing them to rate independently. Each affiliated party must appoint at least one coder.


A provider must also register with the Dutch Media Authority (CvdM). The Dutch Media Authority supervises compliance with the Media Act. More information about this can be found on the Dutch Media Authority's website.

Advertising in online video

Apart from protecting minors against potentially harmful content, on-demand media services are also required by the Media Act to ensure that advertising, if they offer advertising themselves, is recognizable as such. More information about this can be found on the Stichting Reclame Code website.

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