D o you distribute feature films, DVD's, television programmes or productions for video-on-demand? That means you can join NICAM.

Before you start to use Kijkwijzer, we also recommend that you read our Articles of Association and our Regulations.

A direct request for affiliation with NICAM can be made by following 3 simple steps:

1. Fill out the contact form
Before we can begin to draw up an affiliation statement, we would like to know who you are. Press 'Sign up' below to receive the contact form. During the registration process, we will ask you for a recent (not older than two weeks) extract from the Chamber of Commerce.

2. Sign the affiliation statement
Having received your details, we will draw up an affiliation statement that you must sign and return.

3. Register your coders
Mediaproviders classify their own productions. NICAM trains your employees to be coders, allowing them to classify independently. Every organisation must appoint at least one coder. Trainings take place on a regular basis.

After affiliating with us, you will be able to classify your own productions according to the Kijkwijzer system and its trusted age recommendations and content information.


Each year, NICAM re-establishes the membership and calculation fees. The fees are calculated using the number of productions that is classified every year, as well as on the number of affiliated companies and organisations.

In 2022, the amounts are as follows:
- Membership fee per affiliated company: €400
- Fee per classification: €27,-

If your organisation is part of a sector organisation, different fees may apply

Do you have any further questions or would you like to speak to NICAM first? Please call +31(0)35-6460860 or send an email to

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